Cornerstone Storage's Detailed Guide on Optimizing Your Storage Unit

Admin | January 4, 2024 @ 12:00 AM


Are you unsure of how to get the most out of the storage space you have at Cornerstone Storage in Joplin, Missouri? We have everything covered. Find out the perfect measurements, organizing advice, and important factors to take into account for a flawless storage experience.

Fundamentals for All Unit Sizes

Use Boxes of the Same Size

Choose modest, robust boxes to maintain consistency; they work well for storing everything from clothes to books.

Methodical Stacking

For stability, put the heavier boxes near the bottom. Box sizes that are uniform lead to the best possible stacking.

Crumbled packing paper can be used to fill empty spaces in boxes while preserving stack stability.

Inventory and Labeling

Take the time to mark the contents and destination room on each box. Comprehensive inventory make retrieval easier.

Furniture Dismantling

Disassemble furniture as much as you can, labeling and putting parts with screws and connectors in a plastic bag.

Climate-Controlled Apartments

Renting a unit with climate control will provide you further defense against high humidity and heat. 50 to 80 degrees and 30 to 50% humidity are the ideal ranges.

Examining Different Unit Sizes

5x5: Compact Size

Comparable to an additional walk-in closet, perfect storing business supplies, family heirlooms, off-season clothing, and seasonal goods.

10 x 10 - Medium Size

Well-liked and adaptable, able to hold the stuff from two rooms. Ideal for office supplies, entertainment systems, and furnishings.

10x20 - Generous Size

Able to store enough stuff for a two-bedroom apartment, ideal for families moving. Perfect for making accessible storage unit, small enterprises, and big objects.

The Extra Large Unit, 10x30

Large appliances, multi-bedroom house items, small and medium-sized enterprises, and a garage with two cars can all fit inside. Put the things that are most often retrieved first for convenience of retrieval.

In summary

Cornerstone Storage in Joplin, Missouri provides a variety of sizes to suit your storage needs, whether you're looking for a small or extra-large unit. Check out our listings for the United States and Canada for a seamless experience and access to first-rate amenities. Put your trust in us to carefully protect your belongings.